08 September 2014

Holuhraun / Bárðarbunga Volcano Live Streams


Let me first introduce you to 2 videos of the Holuhraun volcano in Iceland, witch looks really amazing. It's probably some of the most beautiful things you can ever see in your life.

Alright, here i'm providing two embedded live stream cameras to the Holuhraun volcano & Bárðarbunga volcano that is sitting under the massive Vatnajökull glacier (Europe's biggest glacier). Mila from Iceland is the web camera provider. So a massive thanks goes to them for providing us with those live web cameras.

Bárðarbunga & Holuhraun Live Stream (Original Website).

Bárðarbunga & Holuhraun Live Stream 2 (Original Website).

If you want to see a full overview over the earthquakes, the Bárðarbunga caldera GPS height measurement, Drumplots, SO2 pollution and the aviation status around the Bárðarbunga & Holuhraun volcano or the other volcanoes in the Vatnajökull area, you can go to this website to see that. The web page will automaticly refresh every 1 minute.

You can also check out this nice 3D map tool of the Bárðarbunga & Holuhraun volcano area that shows all of the the earthquakes since 16th August 2014.


  1. As i decided to rename my blog and use a new address to the blog and recreate the 'Bárðarbunga (Holuhraun) Volcano Live Streams' post, i had to delete the 4 earlier comments about the live streams as i deleted the old post about it.

    I apologize for that.

  2. The embedding of the Bárðarbunga (Holuhraun) live streams from Mila are finally back again. Enjoy.


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